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7 Tennesse Whiskey for a fully brewed non-alcoholic cuppa Joe. The coffee is offered in both regular and decaf, and sold in either 8.8 ounce collectable tins, or1.5 ounce gift bags, at $21.95 and $6.95 respectively. Customers can order the coffee at the Jack Daniel's online store . WOULD YOU PAY $50,000 TO HAVE COFFEE WITH IVANKA TRUMP? Though whiskey-flavored coffee might seem extreme, baristas around the world have been experimenting with some seriously amped up brews. A barista กระเป๋า zara facebook in Australia created a coffee so strong it guarantees a caffeine boost of up to 18 hours. Continue Reading Below A** Kicker coffee, created at Viscous Coffee in Adelaide, is a quad shot. A brew with four shots of espresso and four ice-cubes made from a 48-hour cold drip and 120 milliliters of extra-aged ten-day cold brew. Plus, the barista adds four 48-hour cold brew ice cubes for an extra kick; adding about 80 times more caffeine than a single cup of coffee. It's so strong, it comes with a health warning. WHERE TO SCORE A FREE CUP OF JOE ON NATIONAL COFFEE DAY Owner of Viscous Coffee, Steve Benington, said the caffeine fix was designed to be consumed gradually over three to four hours, and provides 12 to 18 hours of sustained up-time. Stiff Bull coffee aka The Relationship Saver, is produced in Malaysia, and offers men the extra hard shot they may want in the bedroom.

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Zaneta Krokova, 11, and Helina Kotlarova, 12, were holding hands as they crossed a road in Oldham before they were hit on New Year's Eve. Ahead of their funerals on Monday, Michaela Tarkaiova, the partner of Helina's brother, said the girls were "bright" and "everywhere together". "We're feeling like something has broken inside us," she said. Media captionThe relatives of two cousins who died after a crash say they feel "broken inside" "It has been really tough. The families - especially the mums of the two girls - are always crying. "It's really sad and, to be honest, we haven't slept since that day if we sleep, we sleep for maybe one or two hours it's hard for us eat." Ms Tarkaiova described Helina as a "happy" girl who "loved to eat, loved to dance, loved to sing". She added: "She looked older, but inside she was still a child, she liked to play hide-and-seek." Image caption Floral tributes were left at the scene Speaking on behalf of the families of both cousins, Ms Tarkaiova thanked members of the Oldham community who had provided help to the grieving relatives "financially, with their blessings, and everything". "The pain what we're going through, they're feeling it with us," she said. "They [Helina and Zaneta] have always been together and at the end of the day, they even died together and now they're in the coffins together, which is really sad."

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