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The Trouble With Clothes Shopping, as Written by Derek Jarman

rexfeatures_206565aj Prospect Cottage, DungenessVia WikiCommons “I’ve always loved working clothes: boiler suits, flying jackets, overalls, leather dungarees, jeans and T-shirts – most of them bought second hand in markets. I buy very little from clothes shops – the exception, my socks from Marks and Spencer. I find clothes shops intimidating, rarely venture into them, and then almost never alone. The moment those self-assured assistants set eyes on me an overwhelming shyness swamps me. I duck and avert my eyes at ‘Can I help you sir’. I have never bought a pair of trousers or a suit unless accompanied by a friend, and rush through the process of trying clothes on behind those skimpy partitions. I would be surprised if I had bought more than one article of clothing a year in such places. As a teenager all my clothes came from M&S, though Mum brightened it up by making me silk shirts – and brocade waistcoats, which I hardly ever wore. At university in the early 1960s I wore black polo necks – still from M&S and duffel coats, the post-existentialist uniform. I grew my hair a little longer and bought my first Levi’s, wearing them in the bath so they dried tight as possible and, with a bit of rubbing, showed off my cock. As for fashion, the editor of the Daily Mail, a friend of my father’s, was far in advance with his elastic-sided Chelsea boots.

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